5 Kitchen Items For A Younger Looking SkinIt is a known fact that skin aging cannot completely be stopped but it can be delayed to some extent. Natural skin aging process is such as there aren’t any solutions to stopping skin natural aging. However, premature skin aging is something that science has found a solution for.

Women around the world have worried about this problem because premature skin aging can hit you as early as in your 20s if you don’t prioritize care for your skin. For this, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good skin care habits but unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, exposure to UV rays, pollution, dust, and smoking are some of the main reason for the easily damaged skin.

Premature skin aging problems include dark circles, dullness, leathery skin, wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, and crow’s feet.

While premature skin aging can be caused by However, sometimes genes are also blamed for premature skin aging. This is because genes also play an important role in keeping the skin healthy. If a person faces premature skin aging due to hereditary reasons then this condition is known as intrinsic aging.

On the other hand, if skin damage is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and environment then, it is totally an unnatural way skin aging, which can be eradicated by natural, means also. This is referred to as extrinsic skin aging.

Now, let us see how to prevent and cure the causes of premature skin aging by consuming these essential foods:Oranges For A Radiant Skin

Oranges And Lemons:

Oranges and lemons are loaded with a lot of Vitamin C. These fruits help in increasing collagen production and its antioxidants eradicate free radical damage. They also avoid scurvy. Vitamin C helps in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines by increasing the production of collagen and reduces sunburn naturally.

Avocado Oil:

Avocado Oil is rich in plant steroids and helps in reducing age spots. Vitamin E in Avocado oil protects our skin cells from oxidizing. As we know that avocado oil is famous for its omega 3 fatty acids, these acids reduce the risk of skin cancer. Also, Avacado helps in fighting the damage done by free radicals as it is rich in anti-oxidants. Free radicals are highly volatile and highly reactive molecules produced in our body. Free radicals can cause a plethora of skin health problems, including skin cancer.

Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This sprout counters harmful UV rays, boosts collagen and elastin production in the skin. Try to eat 100-150 grams of Brussels sprouts daily to get better results and adequate supply of oxygen to the skin. Brussels Sprouts are also good for digestion, which contributes to a healthier skin.


Turkey contains a good amount of zinc, which reduces dull and dry skin. It promotes the growth of skin cell by optimizing collagen and elastin production, which maintains the skin elasticity and glow. Also, the cross-linking process of the skin is reduced by carnosine, which is present in Turkey.

Green Tea:

Green tea has numerous benefits that help in rejuvenating the skin:

  • It improves the complexion of the skin.
  • Fights aging signs.
  • Eradicate severe acne and pimples.
  • Lightens dark circles and reduces puffy eyes.

Following these above-mentioned points, you can also add an anti-aging cream to fight against signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, dark circles and dark spots. There are always risk-free trials running wherein you only have to pay only shipping and handling charges. To avail one such anti-aging cream, click on the link below.

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