Too Tired To Remove Make-up After A Late Night? How Many Times Have We Slept Without Removing Our Makeup?

Easy makeup removal methods that take 2-3 mins only!

Removing makeup after a long hectic day can be a task! Nobody wants to go through the whole process of makeup removal. Sleep is important-er!

Here are a few quick tips for makeup removal the easy way. No more crazy chaotic techniques.

Baby Wipes!

Yes, that’s right. Baby wipes are the new trendy makeup removal substitutes. Comes handy, extremely easy to use.

Just wipe off all the caked up makeup in no time. Baby wipes are really mild and do no major harm to your skin.

Water (Lukewarm To Cold)

Instead of going through an entire process of removing your makeup followed up by cleansers and creams, you can simply wash off your face. Zero side effects or damage to the skin.

It will take about 2-3 minutes for the eye makeup to completely come off. Then pat your face dry with a towel and you’re ready for that beauty sleep!

Baby Shampoo

If the water didn’t work perfectly well for you, you can add a dash of baby shampoo in the water and then rub off the eye makeup. Since the shampoo is very mild, it will cause no eye or skin reactions.


An ancient practice, milk was used instead of soaps and gels by women all over the world. It has many healing properties that soothe your skin like no other.

Add few drops of any essential oil in the milk. Soak a cotton ball in it and use it to clean your face.

Coconut Oil

It is easily available in any store and is one of the best makeup remover, better than those expensive ones as well. An excellent moisturizer and cleanser!

Rub the oil on your skin, with fingers or cotton or tissue anything is fine really. After the makeup is removed, you don’t need to apply any moisturizer or cream, coconut oil will do its trick!

Aloe Vera

This plant is known for its many beauty benefits. A savior to us women. It hydrates our skin while removing the makeup minus any side/after effects.

Mix it with olive oil and apply it on your face. Then wipe it off with a cotton ball or tissue. Easy go natural way!

Witch Hazel Water

Witch hazel is a shrub, used in its authentic form can is an amazing substitute for makeup removal creams. It moisturizes the skin along with giving it an appearance of glow.

Spray witch hazel water (100% pure) on your face, and thoroughly clean it with a cloth or tissue.


Its thick consistency makes it a special case for makeup removal. Use it only to remove heavy eye makeup and not on any other parts of the face. It can clog the pores, which is definitely a big no.

Use Vaseline on the eye, massage well and clean it off with cotton. Wash off your face with water and soap later.

These methods are a win for many celebrities. Avoid chemical induced makeup removers. They are harsh and damage your skin in the long run.

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8 Easy Makeup Removal Ways You Never Knew
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