The Perfect Solution To Skin Care Problems? Argan Oil To The Rescue!

We all go through phases where our skin doesn’t seem to sync with our plans. Acne breakouts, dull skin, uneven skin and what not! We cannot conceal every skin problem with makeup. Nor can you hide your age from people, if you don’t know the trick. Your skin needs to look as well as feel healthy!

Argan oil has been proved to be the best solution when it comes to fighting skin related issues. Many dermatologists and beauticians now advise people to first use argan oil before opting for any chemically backed treatments to look youngers or beautiful.

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Argan oil is extracted from kernels of argan of fruit, found in argan tree. Argan tree is solely found in Morocco, near the Sahara desert. Due to its authenticity, it is rare to find a 100% naturally made argan oil and is quite expensive.

One of the best essential oils, it’s been used since the ancient times. It is not at all shocking why it has been kept a secret by the beautiful Moroccan women. All in one ingredient, it deeply nourishes and enriches skin, hair and other body processes (immunity system, blood circulation, blood clots etc.)

How Will It Work For Your Skin?

Anti-Aging Properties

How: it provides a shield against the UV rays that tend to damage collagen and elastin in your skin. Both of these are naturally occurring proteins in your skin that prevent aging.

Use: Gently (Don’t rub) massage it on your face before sleeping. You can mix it with the creams/serums you use before going out in the sun.

Works As A Rich A Moisturizer

How: It provides the skin with all the moisture and hydration it needs. Ditch the chemically made moisturizer that will deprive your skin of its essential oils in the long run.

Use: apply a thin layer of Argan oil before your regular makeup routine. Wipe off the excess. It is the best natural alternative for moisturizers.

Stops Breakouts And Cleanses Skin

How: Acne occurs due to an extremely oily skin. Argan oil will help lower down the oil secretion by regulating natural oil production. This will avoid unwanted byproducts of our skin. Reduces greasiness and brings out the glowing skin.

Use: use as cleanser daily before going out and after coming back home. Apply it with cotton and rub the oil, you’ll see dirt and pollutants come off.

Prevents Razor Bumps

How: Shaving or removing hair from your face or any other body part, can cause immense irritation and itchiness. Using argan oil on affected areas can help soothe the after effects of hair removal.

Use: Use your fingers and slowly massage the oil deep into the skin pot shave/ hair removal. Do this every time you remove hair or suffer from burns or irritation.

All-Rounder Skin Nourishment

How: Your skin goes through many changes, which deprives it of its vitamins, minerals, and protein. Argan oil consists of vitamin A, vitamin E, omega3/6 fatty acids and antioxidants. It’s hands down an all in one treatment for your skin.

Use: Application or oral intake of argan oil daily, twice a day, can provide your skin with a supported content of all the nutrients.

(Its healing properties have many more benefits other than the ones listed above)

If you’re looking for a skin care product that is 100% naturally made, has no side effects and works for all skin types, then you must opt for Argan Oil.

Always buy organic Argan Oil. 100% organic Argan Oil has a unique smell: nutty and pungent. You can buy Argan Oil online, Some of the products are also available with free samples and trials of Argan Oil.

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Argan Oil For Skin: 5 Ways To Boost Beauty Naturally
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