Oils are fortified with minerals and vitamins and play a healthy role in balancing as well as promoting a lot of good that our body needs. Argan Oil is known particularly for its significant storage of Vitamin A and E, Omega-6 fatty acids.

Origin of Argan Oil

This oil has been a traditional kitchen ingredient in Morocco that has been used extensively by the Moroccan people due to its innumerable benefits for the skin, hair and overall physical well-being. Argan oil comes from the same land as the origin of the famous “Rhassoul clay” for its multiple skin and hair benefits.

How Is “Liquid Gold” Obtained?

Argan oil also known as the “Liquid gold” is found in the argan fruit. Coated with a hard cover that encloses the pulpy fruit which is usually fed to the goats. The only leftover product of the fruit is then the nut which has about 2 to 3 kernels which are later roasted well and pressed firmly along with some grinding to extract the unfiltered oil. The extraction of the oil from the kernels is a tedious process. It requires a lot of skill and right ways to ensure maximum and healthy extraction of the oil from the kernels without loss of the nutrient.

Advantages Of Argan Oil

Cholesterol Levels: A regular consumption of Argan oil through cooking has benefited people suffering from cholesterol. Argan oil efficiently lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and has also been claimed to be effective to reduce triglyceride content in the blood.

Prevention Of Harmful Diseases: Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even some cancers are believed to be prevented by consumption of Argan Oil. A lot of people in Morocco use Olive oil for everyday cooking and healthy fatty acids over things obtained from animal fats. Argan Oil is consumed in a similar fashion widely across Morocco and especially by the Berber people for centuries. It is very low in cholesterol and thus lowers your cholesterol levels.

Anti-Aging: The bountiful amount of Vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin A present in the “liquid gold” helps speed up the cell renewal promoting healthy skin cell growth. It efficiently lets your skin absorb the benefit of plant-based nutrient and vitamins speeding up the anti-aging process.

Hair Benefits: A lot of people swear by Argan Oil benefits for the hair and skin. It promotes healthy hair growth by boosting the blood circulation and promoting healthy cell growth. This nourishes your hair follicles and enriches them with essential components that lead to faster hair growth.

In all possible ways this is a true miraculous nature’s key to a lot of your beauty concerns. It’s edible and perfect for external application and comes with no major side effects. Before choosing an argan oil always read about the brand. Research a lot before investing your money anywhere because cheaper price and fuller quantity doesn’t always mean the best product. Prefer cold-pressed over the other available alternatives because cold-pressed extraction preserves the benefits and vitamins without depleting them with the heat.

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