How Sure Are You About The Ingredients In Your Skincare Product? What Are The Effects Of Banned Ingredients? Do You Have These Symptoms?

The next time you shop skincare products, do look for the components it’s made up of.

Our face has the most sensitive type of skin in our body. The skin type differs tremendously from our face to the toe. Which means our skin requirements differ as well.

Many creams these days promise fast results at lower costs that consist of harsh and harmful components. It is advisable to first examine these components and then pick the one most suitable for your skin type.

Common Side Effects

Many creams, instead of providing results, leave behind acne, rashes, and swelling. Sellers usually aim the emotional side of the audience knowing they would buy their product for achieving desperate results. It might look appealing at first, but the sad part is, these creams only worsen the problems.

Apart from these short-term damages, one might also suffer from dreaded long-term ailments. Dermatologists reveal that women usually between the age limit of 20-40, suffer from severe after effects of these creams.

Banned Ingredients

Many countries have now realized the increasing risks these ingredients possess. They’ve banned them across the country so that people don’t suffer badly. They’ve taken this step under FDA regulations. The products that pass under this Act are allowed into the market.

Always look for ‘Caution’ sign on the packages. Avoiding such products will only benefit your skin and body against health problems, harmful reactions, and allergies.

Listed Ingredients Are Termed As Harmful In Many Countries

There are several ingredients used in skin care products that are banned outside but are considered safe, in the US. Europe has banned about 1342 chemicals whereas the US only banned about 10!


Composition: There are thousands of ingredients that go about in making one specific perfume or fragrance. The companies don’t necessarily have to mention all of these chemicals.

Effects: These chemicals harm our skin adversely, resulting in major rashes, allergies, asthma, while some are even linked to cancer.

Substitute: Use naturally made perfumes or ‘attar’

Petroleum Jelly

Composition: The most commonly used product in every household, petroleum jelly, is made up of hydrocarbons.

Effects: Known to be used as a moisturizer, it works more like a sealant. Due to its dense composition, it blocks the oxygen that our skin needs. This results in aging, dry and dull skin.

Extreme cases also show signs of cancer. Columbia University linked petroleum jelly with breast cancer.

Substitute: Essential oils like sandalwood, rose, Argan Oil is always a better option when it comes to skin care treatments.

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Salicylic Acid

Composition: It is a type of Phenolic acid made from salicin. It belongs to the benzoic acid family. It is used as a preservative in many skin care products.

Effects: You may see changes near the eye and change in skin texture. It causes redness and harsh skin allergies. It leads to increased inflammation, dry and itchy skin that may result in falling off of skin. This is a very hard ingredient for your skin, especially for sensitive skin.

Substitute: Natural fruits such as raspberry, cucumber.


Composition: They are made up of series of para-hydroxy benzoates or esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. Usually used as a preservative in cosmetics.

Effects: Parabens cause long-term harmful effects on your body. It is the cause of many types of health issues. It promotes breast cancer and infertility which is becoming a growing concern. Other effects include hormonal imbalance leading to mental and sexual stress.

Substitute: Grapefruit seed is now being promoted as a natural preservative.


Composition: It is a benzophenone derivative used in cosmetics such as sunscreen for it’s ability to absorb harmful UV rays.

Effects: Prone to allergic reactions causing redness, itching, dryness and at times bruises. It is shown to produce harmful free radicals also attacking the DNA arrangement. Research has shown that it may be linked to breast cancer and eczema.

Substitute: Mineral-based sunscreens

Coal Tar

Composition: Coal tar is a by-product while obtaining coke and coal gas from coal. It is used to reduce itching, scaling by causing shedding of the upper layer of skin.

Effects: It may cause dizziness and slight skin irritation. Skin reactions such as Swelling of tongue and eyes may occur. Hair follicle problems may persist over the continual use of coal tar.

Safer Ingredients


A powerhouse of Vitamin A, it is an ingredient used in many skin care products. Also known to be an Anti-aging superstar, it rejuvenates skin cells fighting signs of aging. Due to its pure nature, retinol is sold as an independent product as well. It will back up your daily intake of Vitamins.

Milk (Lactic Acid)

Works as a great option for exfoliating skin. It is now highly being used in skin care products for its properties that soothe skin leaving it soft and hydrated.

Some of the sources are almond, soy, dairy and goat’s milk.


It is an organic compound made of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Due to its odorless, colorless, sweet, thick liquidy nature, it is widely used in the cosmetic industry.

For a 100% natural experience, switch to glycerin that deeply nourishes skin from within having zero side effects. No more rashes, itching, sore skin and allergies!

Omegas 3 and 6

Found naturally in plant oils, these fatty acids works like magic to cure dry and scaly skin. It hydrates the skin and penetrates deeply for proper nourishment. It also happens to cure redness and inflammation.

Should I Switch To Natural Ingredients?

Natural ingredients are always a yes! They are naturally made substances that don’t harness the growth of our body in any way. These ingredients suit with every skin type causing zero health issues.

Products that use natural ingredients are always preferable. They have reduced side effects as well as after effects. Stimulation of skin cells is slower but effective in the long run. Results are inevitable when you use natural ingredients or natural ingredients induced products.

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