Has the idea of compassionate beauty still occurred to you? While most of us recognize the importance of contouring and highlighting we give less or almost no value to the cruelty-free morals that our beauty beliefs should be backed up with. The cosmetic industry is booming but also are they subconsciously dominating the morals and ethics one should treasure as a person?

Do not mistake me, this is a choice and not compulsion. Very few beauty-gurus, cosmetic industries and magazines emphasize the importance of cruelty-free beauty. How important could it be really? Well, we all know the importance of wearing a pretty face not just outside but also has a clean and kind set of beliefs, morals, and character on the inside.

What Is Cruelty-Free Beauty?

The cosmetic industry can be divided into:

Cruelty-Free Companies

Companies That Test On Animals

The ugly truth of all those pretty and attractive cosmetics that come in the cutest packaging is what the industry doesn’t want you to see. It’s nasty, horrifying and painful.

Your cosmetics are being tested on millions of animals that are dying every day so that you could wear it on your face. The ugly cosmetic industry is injecting little rabbits with chemicals, infecting them so severely that some of them die during the tests while the rest are still caged in small spaces with their skin rotting due to infections from the reaction of these horrifying tests. Every day there are thousands of dead bodies of these speechless bunnies piled up that were once living a life just like us.

Saddening? How Can You Make A Change?

Change starts with you. There are much better cruelty-free alternatives to these disgusting products which not just cost you a massive amount but also lives of so many innocent animals. Cruelty-Free alternatives will always be a better choice. Here’s how:

– As the products are tested on the human skin we have more accurate results for the tests, obviously!

Р Willing human volunteers are paid a handsome amount to be safely and generously tested on with a lot many other security back-ups such as fully sponsored treatment in case of any skin irritations. This provides employment to a lot of fellow humans that actually need it.

– No speechless animals are rot to death during the mandatory tests.

Multiple Ways To Identify Cruelty-Free Products:

  • Before buying check for a cruelty-free logo at the back of the product.
  • ¬†Look up online and rely on trusted websites( leapingbunny/cruelty-free kitty/peta etc) and not just individual reviews that come from unreliable sources such as product description on eBay / Rediff! Like honestly, who’re those people kidding!
  • Consider emailing the companies. (This is the most commonly occurring thing. Degenerate companies that test on animals don’t reply to your queries as they do not want to lose a customer. However, we get fooled and excuse them thinking that maybe they are cruelty -free but they just haven’t seen the mail. The honest truth is that they have seen your mail but they deliberately chose not to reply.)
  • If you’re lazy then ask an animal lover online. Sounds unusual but you can always drop your query regarding a company on any online cruelty-free group or portal and trust me they will get back to you with their piece of information.
  • Some of the degenerate companies lie and hide their animal testing policy posing as cruelty-free in the market. Do not easily trust them and always do your part of a research.
  • If none of the above methods worked in helping you find out if a company is cruelty-free then simply do not hesitate to buy an alternative that is 100% cruelty-free.
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Beauty Bible: Compassionate Beauty
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