Just like the atmosphere, our skin has layers too. The skin constitutes of different segments. These different subjects of our skin together form it. 

Acne, hair loss, and other body concerns are quite common but how many of us talk about things that are equally important? Pores are present all over the skin.

 The sweat, oil, and dirt in the skin are released through our pores. Let us read all about what, how and why.

What Are Pores?

Pores are the gateway of toxins. The body releases many unhealthy things through our pores. The best method to understand pores is to imagine a pipe. 

All the waste and gunk is disposed of via the pipe. You need to keep it clean and rust free in order to dispose of any wasteful things stuck in the skin. 

The best thing to do is it keeps our pores clean so that the skin remains healthy too. 

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Functions Of The Pores

Lubrication: Pores are the chamber where our skin gets the natural oil from. The hair follicles or sebaceous glands produce sebum. They also hold natural oils required for the skin. 

The main function of these glands is to moisturize and lubricate the skin. 

Detoxify: The pores on the skin help us throw out toxic substances from the body. Sweat contains salt and it should not stay on the skin for too long since it also attracts dirt. 

Our skin is putting out impurities through sweating. So basically pores act as a vent for your oil and sweat. 

Large Pores

It is common to have large pores. Just like many skin conditions such as acne or sensitivity, pores are an equally valuable concern. Large pores look unpleasant on the skin. It is not the best sight and may look rough or uneven. Let us read the drawbacks of large pores.

Large pores make the skin appear aged and matured. Skin aging is a natural process unless it is caused by large pores at any age.

Skin that is porous looks textured. Textured skin looks uneven. It resembles skin that is unevenly/ evenly bumpy. Textured skin is just the opposite of smooth skin.

Oily skin is just another product of skin with open pores. If you suffer from oily skin or open pores then be ready to face acne related issues such as gunky pores or whiteheads and blackheads.

How To Clean The Pores? 

Disappearing pores is totally a different topic. It is hard to disappear old pores naturally. However, you can keep your pores clean to prevent large pores or to shrink any large pore to a certain extent. Always wash the face with a mild emollient. It should not be too greasy or lather. 

Proceed with toning the face with a clarifying toner such as tea tree or witch hazel. Seal off with a light gel based moisturizer. Twice a week exfoliate the skin very gently with chemical exfoliation wash or just by smearing papaya all over the face. Leave for a couple of minutes and wash off. 

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