Skin Aging And Signs Of Aging

Skin aging is inevitable, we are mortals. We see visible changes in our body with time, aging being the most significant. Aging brings about changes in our skin’s texture and density.
Collagen plays an important factor in deciding as to when our skin will start showing visible aging signs. Its properties include thickening and stiffening of skin. You can trick your skin into looking younger.
Concerned with skin aging? The signs that you have to look for are:
• Loose skin
• Wrinkles
• Skin pigmentation
• Open Pores
• Extremely dry/oily skin

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Plastic Surgery and Botox

Plastic surgeries are a way of reshaping our skin tissues by either transferring or removing it. People usually opt for plastic surgery during extreme cases. It is necessary for you to always consult a certified surgeon to avoid long-term damages.   Plastic Surgery gone wrong can affect one’s life drastically. Common issues faced are restricted facial expressions, disfigured structure, and many health problems.
Botox, on the other hand, is all about injections. It blocks the signals between the brain and nervous system, stopping the growing signs if aging, temporarily. Continuous use can stop its effect on signs of aging. It can lead to breathing problems, loss of bladder control, swollen skin and bruises.
People suffering from diseases should first inform their doctors before taking a step. Pregnant women and someone with a weak immune system should completely avoid using botox.

Benefits Of Topical Solutions

Topical solutions such as creams and serums have no adverse effects on the skin or body. They are not too harsh and are made for different skin types. These products come in handy and are pocket-friendly. You can use any cream or serum based on its target problem. Though they don’t produce rapid results, they are advisable for their long-term benefits.
Topical solutions are applied on the body surface and not used for oral purposes. This results in little to no dangerous impact on skin or body.


Dermatologists recommend creams over surgeries to avoid long-term health issues. These are applied on the surface of the skin and have no negative impact on the inside.
Creams are made suitable for every skin type for effective results. They contain skin nourishing ingredients that are tested before selling it to customers. You don’t need appointments or spend a lump sum amount of money to benefit from creams.
Different types of creams include night-care, anti-aging, moisturizer, skin lightening, sunscreen, daily care among many others. Different types for varied purposes. Every cream has a definite target to work on depending on its type.
Creams are highly sold products when it comes to skin care. Due to their effectiveness on a long term basis, it has become a top choice around the globe.

When To Use Creams

• Sensitive skin is prone to allergies. To avoid the harmful effects of other products, use creams that will work just as perfectly.
• To battle early signs. When you start noticing skin related problems at an early stage. Creams work effectively but slowly.
• For daily routine. You can add creams as a part of your daily routine for nourished skin.

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Cream vs Serum - Best Seller Of The Week -


Serums are a top pick when it comes to affordable and a fast result-producing a product for skin care. It’s usually suitable for oily skin.
It consists of concentrated molecules containing only powerful ingredients to fight against skin problems. They help to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It helps in keeping our skin hydrated by eliminating water loss.
Serums are more concentrated than creams and less dense. It gives quick results for a shorter duration. A little expensive, it is cheaper than surgical options.
It consists of types as well. They penetrate deeper into the skin. Regular usage can result in faster, visible results. It is not necessary to add serums into your daily routine. It conditions your skin instantly.

When To Use Serums

• When you need quick effective results. Serum starts working on the affected area within seconds of application.
• You’re avoiding surgical option yet cannot wait for too long to benefit from the product.
• Don’t want to add serum to your daily routine? It’s fine whichever way. Serums are always a win for instant results.
It’s important to look after your skin’s needs and preferences. Choose options that go well with your skin type. Surgical options will provide you with short-term effective results but may cause major health issues later on. Topical solutions are more reliable when it comes to cutting down on cost and health issues. Any method you prefer, make sure you research about it and consider it’s negative as well as positive impacts.

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Cream vs Serum - Best Seller Of The Week -