All Natural Beauty Hack To Boost Your Skin Health

The beauty secret of many famous Hollywood celebrities is now hacked! The dead sea minerals are essential for them. It rejuvenates the skin cells and gives your skin the oomph factor it needs!

Dead Sea Water: What Is It?

The dead sea located at the border of Israel and Jordan is made up of 32% salt. It is a mineral-rich sea that consists of varied minerals beneficial for skin care treatments. It has been associated with Queen Cleopatra. She was dependent on Dead Sea Water for her beautiful natural skin, she is till date praised for.

Benefits Of Dead Sea Water

  • Anti-aging properties: Dead Sea Water is known to cure aging problems, thanks to its composition. Mineral found in the dead sea and the mud helps fight wrinkles, fine lines, sagged skin and dark spots.
  • It deeply nourishes the skin and flushes away dead skin making it look healthy and glowing.
  • Detoxifies Skin: One of the major reasons why Dead Sea Water is considered an essential for a beauty regime is because of this benefit. It purifies the skin from within, removing dirt and other pollutants.
  • It is also considered as a revitalizing agent for oxygen supply to your skin and blood circulation.
  • Controls skin reactions and allergies. All the minerals and components found in the dead sea neutralize the effects caused by harsh skin care creams and cosmetics.
  • Rich in magnesium, it works best against skin inflammation and swollen areas.
  • Battles harmful UV rays and acts as a shield for the skin thus reducing skin burns and skin pigmentation
  • Strengthens skin tissues, controlling unnecessary sagging of skin.
  • Boosts cell metabolism due to its highly saline nature.

Ingredients Of Dead Sea Water: Essential Minerals Found In Dead Sea

Magnesium (45,900 mg/L)

It is found in abundance compared to other Minerals. Magnesium helps soothe any type of skin allergy or reactions. It is primarily responsible for dealing with redness, itchy and scaly skin.

It also helps fasten the cell metabolism, blood circulation throughout the skin cells. These give rise to glowing, damage-free skin.

Bromine ( 230,400 mg/L)

It forms the highest concentration among any other sea around the world. It is solely responsible for body relaxation and soothing of central nervous system.

Sodium (36,600 mg/L)

Sodium fights dry and flaky skin through the osmosis process. Osmosis process involves in and outflow of fluid from the cells depending on the concentration within and outside it.

It also helps in controlling irritation and softens the skin.

Calcium (17,600 mg/L)

Highly significant for skin and body. It keeps the elastin in the skin intact, making it look younger. Also battles signs of aging such as dull skin, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. A deficiency of calcium and regulate premature aging.

It provides the skin with natural antioxidants to fight against free radicals.

Potassium (7,800 mg/L)

It is an essential part of our body for its regular mechanism. Acts as an acne prevention ingredient. Also, keeps the skin neutrality in check.

Every muscle and neuron activity is a task looked up by Potassium. A deficiency of it may result in the slow metabolism and protein synthesis.

Secondary Ingredients: Minerals Found In Minute Quantity


It is an important anti-aging mineral that is responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, found naturally in the skin. It revitalizes the skin cells, combating free radicals. Also, plays a role in cell regeneration during major skin damage.

Boosts immune system, which further makes healing of wounds faster.


It provides the skin with energy for cell regeneration. Initiates protein production, metabolic process and self-healing properties in skin.


It works as a shield for the skin against injuries and damages such as dry skin and dullness. Behaves as an antioxidant that promotes carbohydrates and amino acids for a nourished and healthy skin.

Health Benefits

  • Cures Arthritis and Arthritis related health problems.
  • Boosts blood circulation throughout the body for proper organ functioning.
  • Strengthens hair follicles, making them thick, and preventing hair fall.
  • Works as an anti-dandruff treatment and fights several scalp related issues.
  • Relieves stress by calming the nervous system and enhancing body relaxation.
  • Removes harmful toxins from blood, skin, and body. It eliminates these impurities through a slow and effective process.

Dead Sea Water was always considered to be an all-rounder when it came to skin treatment or soothing any sort of harmful reactions. It’s been used since ancient time, you can benefit from the minerals found in the dead sea by not necessarily having a dip in the sea.

You can now feel the essence of Dead Sea Water through various products available in the market that promise the presence of same active ingredients of that of the dead sea. Some of the Dead Sea Minerals are available in promotional trial and sample offers.

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