What Will Oils Do, Right? Let’s See What Exactly They Do

Essential oils are basically the extraction of plants and fruits. They are the essence of the natural ingredients, with the same strong aroma and rawness. You can easily distinguish these oils by their color, fragrance, and density.

Our skin and body need these essential oils to reverse the prolonged damage. Ever wondered why our skin feels dry? Or oily? Or dull? Or aging? And our hair rough and damaged?

It’s because of the little to no care you give them. They need proper nourishment and rejuvenation.

Essential oils help in accelerating the process of skin and hair repairing by reversing the prolonged damage.

Some of the essential oils are Argan oil, coffee, clove, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, jojoba, coconut, mustard etc.

Essential oils were used since the ancient time by the famous queens and mistresses. They used them in their daily skin care routine. Many even kept this beauty secret hidden from the world. It is because they knew how powerful and magical these oils were for their skin, hair, and body.

The reason essential oils gained back so much popularity is that big personalities around the globe started discovering, using and talking about them. They were astonished by the results these natural and herbal ingredients provided them with.

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What Were These Benefits They Discovered?

– Anti-aging

Essential oils the best source of fighting signs of aging the natural way. Massage any preferred essential oil (jojoba, lavender) into your skin cells before sleeping and after getting up. Say goodbye to premature aging!

– Reduces hair fall

One of the most talked about benefits of essential oil is the vanishing of hair fall within weeks. It penetrates deep into your scalp, thus providing all-rounder nourishment to your hair follicles. This results in a reduction of hair fall.

Heat the essential for only a minute, not more. Apply the luke-warm oil into your scalp and massage thoroughly! You’ll see visible results within 3-4 applications.

– Brighter skin

The epidermal layer of your skin tends to darken due to prolonged exposure sun. This hides the real color of your skin, thus giving an appearance if a dull and dark complexion. Essential oils rejuvenate your skin cells and get rid of the dead skin cells. This makes you look fresh and brighter.

Either use it directly on your face when you leave your house or mix it with a sunscreen. This will prevent UV rays from damaging your skin.

– Gray hair

Premature graying of hair is a major concern among many these days. It has many root causes such as lifestyle, eating habits, water or simple your genes. Experts have talked about it so many times and each time they opt for natural ways over chemical products. Using chemical products will cause hair fall, thinning of hair and visible scalp.

Start massaging a mix of essential oils (for example castor oil+ coconut oil+ almond oil+ mustard oil) on your scalp at least thrice a week. Try adding as many natural ingredients in your hair care routine as possible.

– Anti-dandruff

You know you need a serious cure for dandruff when you start seeing it on your hair easily, your dress and nails. Dandruff is the result of the flaky scalp that shows the signs of undernourishment. Pollution and diet also play an important role here.

Use any sort of essential oil and apply it on your scalp and keep it covered for a while. Sleep overnight and rinse it off with cold water the next day. Repeat this thrice a week, regularly.

– Acne reduction

Pollution, chemical products, and carelessness cause acne, undoubtedly! You must clean your face with water, cleansers daily to get rid of the dirt settled on your skin.

Gently massage the oil into your skin and wash it after a while. Your skin needs proper nourishment. Even if your skin is oily, essential oils will work just as perfectly because our skin itself produces natural essential oils to battle against skin problems.

– Dark circles

Dark circles are nothing but blue hues that arise due to imbalanced blood supply near your face area.


Using essential oil on your skin as well as taking it orally will reduce dark circles easily. Get your sleep lady!

These are only a few benefits, the list is ever ending. Just keep in mind that whatever be the problem related to your skin and hair, essential oils can cure it minus any side effects!

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