A survey claims that 80% of people have dark circles however, I think that 100% people have them. Let’s make an exception for new born babies. Dark circles come in various forms due to various reasons. Here we are going to cover most of the information about this topic which not just talks about the causes but also simple solutions you can try to get rid of that ugly pigmentation around your beautiful lively eyes.

What Typically Causes Dark Circles?

Lack Of Nutrients/Minerals

Sometimes we give our body a proper constant 8 hours of sleep and follow an appropriate skin care regime but still wonder over those strangely caused dark circles. Ever thought that probably these are caused due to lack of nutrients? Give it a benefit of doubt and think over it. This is one of the most common hidden causes of dark circles. We give a lot of emphasis to other general causes but the lack of nutrients/minerals never occurs to our minds.

When you’re not supplying the right amount of nutrients/minerals to your body it leads to depleting the amount of oxygen being supplied to the body tissues. Hence, dark circles.


Eat walnuts, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries or any citrus fruits. Sadly but honestly consistency is the key. You need to eat any of these stuff every single day for a couple of weeks to see the results. There is no chance it won’t work on you if your dark circles are actually resulted by the lack of nutrients. The mentioned food is great in omega-3 fatty acids; vitamin C and iron respectively. These are some of the best things you can bless your blood tissues with as they’re all super foods for your skin. Eat them raw for better results.

Lack Of Sleep

One of the most common causes for dark circles is not getting a proper 8 hours of sleep at a stretch. When I say 8 hours of sleep at a stretch it does mark a lot of importance. A little bit too less or a little bit too much than normal 8 hours of sleep can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle or improper functioning both physically and mentally. It disrupts the natural blood circulation.


SLEEP! Sleep for constant 8 hours without any silly disturbances.


General allergies or issues such as asthma, eczema can lead to irritation and skin inflammation. Which in turn makes us itch or rub our skin more frequently. Abrasion can result in pigmentation of the skin.


Hands off the face! Treat your allergies right away and refrain from doing any further harm to your skin by itching and rubbing it constantly no matter how tempting it is.


Generally most of us have skin and body issues due to genetics. Dark circles are also caused due to genes in some people.


A doctor will be the best to advise you anything on this issue so consult a reliable skin specialist ASAP.

Sun Damage

Tanning and all sounds great but the harsh truth is that the sun damages our skin beyond words. It makes our skin more prone and vulnerable to aging and loss of moisture. Sun enhances pigmentation of the skin which could cause more visibility and darkening of the areas around eyes.


Always wear a sunscreen. As simple as that. Choose a right sunscreen which is perfectly formulated for your skin type because you don’t want to end up with other issues such as skin congestion, clogging of pores and acne while you’re trying to get rid of a major problem here ie; dark circles. Choose sunscreens that are formulated for both UVA and UVB rays with an apt amount of SPF and PA+++. Some good brands are Innisfree, Lotus, Yes to cucumbers and Alba Botanica.


It’s no myth that our skin goes through the natural aging process. Due to increasing age, our skin loses collagen and thus it results in skin thinning making our veins more visible through our under eye region. Aging is inevitable and thus there is not much you can do about it. Collagen production in the body depletes as we hit our 20s, so start from trying to build a good collagen reserve.


Boost your collagen levels with eating loads of raw tomatoes and cucumber. This won’t result in 100% collagen recovery as you can never go against nature but certainly, it will reverse a bit of collagen loss.

Home Remedies:

These are all tried and tested home remedies that work 100% and when I say that I mean every word of it. Choose the remedy that suits you best as per ingredient availability and other factors.

Coffee And Aloe

1 tsp ground finely powdered coffee mixed with 1/2 Tsp Aloe gel. Mix well and store in a glass or thick plastic container into the fridge. Coffee boosts the blood circulation and you can also substitute aloe gel for petroleum jelly.

Licorice Extract, Vitamin K capsule And Aloe Gel

Mix 1 Tsp Aloe Gel along with 3 drops of Vitamin K capsule and 2 drops of licorice extract. Store it in a glass or thick plastic container and keep it in the fridge. Licorice has brightening properties while vitamin K strengthens the capillary walls and reduces the visibility of blood vessels.


  • Do not store any of the above mixtures for more than 1 week.
  • Apply 30 minutes before going to sleep as things work better when you’re sleeping so if you want maximum benefit then apply before bed.
  • Apply only with your ring finger. Ring finger is the only finger that doesn’t apply much pressure as compared to the other fingers. Your eye area is delicate so always use the most delicate finger around your eyes.