Sleepless Nights Are Truly Ruining Your Skin

We have all heard about beauty sleep. There’s a reason why celebrities and famous personalities put an emphasis on it. 7-8 hours of sleep is all you need for a flawless skin. So before you plan to go on another night out, and skip your sleep, do think about ways to bridge the gap.

Here’s why you should have that peaceful sleep:

Prevent Signs Of Aging (Wrinkles/Fine Lines/Crow’s Feet)

If you’re in your 20s and worry about premature aging, you really that beauty sleep. Your aging issues will worsen. Once you start noticing changes in your skin, it’s high time you bring about a change in your sleep schedule. When asleep, your cells tend to repair collagen and elastin present in your skin. These are naturally occurring anti-aging proteins found in your skin.

 Lighter Complexion

When you probably sleeping away to glory, your brain and blood vessels are syncing with each other to provide you with a glowing, lighter skin. An ample amount of blood is being pumped throughout each and every blood vessel around your face. Lack of sleep makes your skin look dull and lifeless.

No More Dark Circles

Dark circles are nothing but visible hues of blue color caused due to lack of sleep resulting in enlarged blood vessels under the eye. Since the under eye skin is really thin, the dark tint looks more prominent. When you get enough sleep, the dark circles will fade away gradually.

Stops Acne Breakout

Sleepless nights cause major hormonal disbalance. Hormones play a very important role in all of our body processes. Once estrogen and testosterone levels start fluctuating, your skin will suffer from various reactions that cause acne breakout, oily skin, dull and lifeless appearance. Weight gain is the major issue.

Improved Skin Sensitivity

You will suffer from decreased immunity system. This will result in your skin not shielding itself from deadly allergies and reactions. It can worsen the already existing skin problems you’re suffering from.

Hydrates Skin To Avoid Dry And Flaky Skin

Once you’re sleep deprived you’ll notice white/translucent skin peeling off from your face. This occurs due to lack of moisture and nourishment in your skin. Night time is the period when your skin absorbs minerals and rejuvenates the skin into looking hydrated and glowing.

Happier Looking Face

Your skin automatically looks healthier and happier after a good night doze. That is, when you wake up after a good sleep, you wake happy thus giving the impression that your skin is glowing and is well nourished, which is actually the case.

Prevents Puffy Skin/Face

Instant temporary face swelling/puffing occurs due to lack of sleep or hindrance in the regular sleep routine.

No Droopy Eyelids

You definitely wouldn’t want the skin near your eyelids to look droopy throughout the day. They show that the person is lethargic and fatigued.

Stops Intense Oil Secretion Near Your Nose

If not dryness, your face will start producing unwanted oil. This will lead to more acne and darker and dull skin.

What Is To Be Done For A Good Night Sleep?

  • The most important step is to at least sleep for 7-8 hours daily at a stretch.
  • Avoid interrupting your sleep by playing with your sleep schedule.
  • Decrease caffeine intake, especially during summers.
  • Use soft cotton sheets and pillows. Always avoid hard mattress.
  • Compensating night time’s sleep in the noon doesn’t count in the beauty sleep. Stop sleeping during the day.

Everybody has a tight schedule, a shit load of work and need to socialize at the same time. Never sacrifice your sleep for work. Don’t fool around with your health. There’s no work if there’s no you.

What Time Do You Sleep? Let Us Know What Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Have You Experienced.

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How Late Nights Affect Your Skin
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