This week, we are specifically focusing on publishing about effective skin care tips, procedures, and information with regards to aging. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your early 20’s or in the age of fixing dentures. we always head towards the best and try to nourish you with ample amount of skin care information, which will prove to be effective for your skin and help you to stay and look younger for decades.

Aging is unstoppable, but we can definitely delay its signs and prevent our skin from its effect. So, let’s dig out the reasons behind skin aging.

How Does Our Skin Gets Affected By Aging? Does It Get Worse With The Age?

Before answering the above questions, Let us make you understand the importance of skin care. Many people ignore skin care routine as they are busy with their work or they just don’t think about it. But, taking care of our skin will never put or let your efforts to go in vain.

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It takes a guard on our internal organs by protecting them from various harmful external elements which include UV rays from sun, dirt, germs, insects, micro-organisms, pollution, dust, cold and heat. It helps our body to be infection free by secreting antibacterial substances. So, skin care is an important procedure which needs to be followed regularly as it keeps our largest our organ healthy and increases its immunity.

After understanding the importance of skin care, we will let you know about the skin aging, its stages, and the factors responsible for it.

Stage I (Initial Stage Of Skin Aging)

Our skin was more soft and smooth when we were infants. This is because we were not exposed and our skin did not witness a harsh environment. But as we age, our skin starts gearing its toughness. A substantial amount of collagen and elastin levels keeps the skin soft, bubbly and strong. When we hit the teenage, our skin becomes customary for the heavy flow of hormones, which triggers various gland to produce excess sweat and oils. This unusual circulation of oils on the skin surface blocks the pores which are highly responsible for causing acne or pimples. This makes the epidermis slightly thin and delicate. When the flow of hormones stabilizes, the appearance of acne or pimples gradually decreases.

Your skin starts to glow, appears firm, strong, soft and supple when you are around 18-20 years of age. We believe in debugging the myths. Many people think that our skin starts deteriorating after the age of 35, but this is completely a myth. Normally our skin starts to lose its glow and firmness, appears dull and dry in the late 20’s. It is advised to be cautious about these red flags as they can ruin our skin’s dermal structure negatively. The Stage I is restricted to the initial stages of skin aging.


Overexposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, pollution, harsh environment, stress, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

The Care You Must Take:

Early 20’s is considered as the optimum time to start the usage of products along with antioxidants like Vitamin C and E, green tea extracts and fruit acids. You can start using these products as a precautionary measure, even if your skin is not showing any signs of aging. Sunscreens lotions with SPF 15 or more considered as one of the best anti-aging products which can be used by any person at any age. You should not ignore sunscreens as they prove to cut down the premature skin aging process efficiently.

Stage II (After 30 Years Of Age)

It is a known fact that when you reach the age of 30, your body metabolism starts to slow down. This decreases the bioenergy of all the body cells. As the bioenergy is decreased, the production of collagen is reduced in the skin cells and our skin starts losing it firmness and softness.


Stress, Overexposure to the sun, an unhealthy lifestyle, improper sleep patterns, smoking, excess alcohol consumption.


Dark Circles, puffy eyes, fine lines around your eye and dull skin tone.

The Care You Must Take:

First, you should consider an anti-aging product which enhances the metabolism of the skin cells. It is advised to use an anti-aging cream which has a high content of Vitamin B3 aka Niacin Amide. Do not ignore sunscreen lotions as they are one of the best means to control the aging symptoms. Have a regular check on your skin, possibly every month. This keeps you updated about your skin condition and can help you to curb the symptoms of aging effectively.

Stage III (After 40 Years Of Age)

As you enter in your 40’s, your skin becomes more rough, dull, dry and patchy. This is the time when you witness your first wrinkles on the face. Uneven pigmentation around the eyes, saggy skin, and duller skin
tone all these get a steady acceleration which makes you look old. Pregnancy convincingly gives you a healthy and glowing skin but, post-pregnancy your skin tends to lose that glow and skin aging is accelerated.


Post pregnancy, overexposure to the sunlight, stress, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and excess alcohol consumption.


Prolong dark circles, enhancement in wrinkles and fine lines, expression lines, crow’s feet, loose and saggy skin, dark spots, and dehydrated skin.

The Care You Must Take:

Thoroughly examine your skin and find out the major problems and the reasons behind it. Then opt for a skincare product with natural ingredients and contains a high amount of peptides, retinol, and glycol acid. These ingredients will boost the collagen and elastin production which will enhance your skin’s dermal structure by making it firm, soft and smooth.

Stage IV (After 50 Years Of Age)

As we reach in our 50’s, the situation becomes more problematic because our skin health deteriorates excessively. You would have hit the menopause and our skin barrier functions become weak as it cannot retain hydration which dries out the skin extremely. The production of collagen and elastin are almost into the condition of destruction and makes your skin loose and saggy.


Slow metabolism of the body, damages caused by the sun, smoking, stress, alcohol consumption.


There is no need of finding any signs of skin aging because dealing with skin aging is completely natural at this point of life.

The Care You Must Take:

There is a need to follow a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a balanced diet, physical activities like jogging and cycling, proper sleep, avoid smoking and reduce the consumption of alcohol. A healthy lifestyle, when teamed up with a good skin care product, will make your skin healthy and smoother.

Stage V (After 60 Years Of Age)

There are many people who still working at the age of 60’s. At this age, their stress handling levels diminish which affects their skin excessively. They need to look presentable to sustain in the market of young professionals. But, their age does not support the skin health which makes them look dull, drowsy and much more. Their skin loses oil producing glands which make the skin extremely dry and can cause irritation and irritation.


The oxidation process reaches its peak which causes rapid deterioration of the skin and low metabolism.


Dehydrated skin, wrinkles, fine lines, expression lines, crow’s feet, spider veins, loose and saggy skin, dull skin tone and much more.

The Care You Must Take:

Consider a powerful skin care product which comprises natural ingredients, retinol, peptides, and antioxidants. You must also regularly do physical activities like walking and jogging. These activities will enhance the protein structure of the skin.

Everybody agrees that skin aging is normal and unavoidable. But, we can now delay the signs of skin aging by taking proper care of our skin. A good skin health has a great contribution in enhancing the individual’s personality. Some people are obsessed with skincare and take extreme steps like getting botox injections, undergoing dangerous invasive surgeries, etc. But these invasive treatments are completely risky as they come up with many side effects which are sometimes irreversible.

Using skin care creams and serums are completely safe because they contain natural ingredients and are free from side effects.

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