Summer has knocked on the door and asking you to pop up at the beach for some surf and sun. But many beach-goers are not yet ready to combat the harmful effects of the sun. This makes most of us slap on some sunscreen lotion and hope to not be burnt. It’s a known fact that many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals which are sometimes more harmful than moderate sun exposure.

Sunscreen usually blocks the formation of Vitamin D which is necessary for your overall health including skin health. An optimum amount of Vitamin D also prevents skin cancer. There is an increase of 4.2% in skin cancer annually and this alarming rate is increasing day by day, even as the statistics reported that most of the time spend by us are in indoors.

How Does Sunlight Affect Our Skin?

Skin protection from the sun rays does not significantly affect those of us who are blessed with olive and darker skin tone. This is because they have higher Melanin levels in their skin compared to those with fairer skin. If you are part of the population who has the fair skin tone, then it can become increasingly difficult to protect the skin from sunburn and the UV rays of the sun unless and until you taken some precautionary actions.

To tackle sunburn, it is very important to know the hidden cause of sunburn rather than simply applying a sunscreen. Normally, doctors and sunscreen manufacturers refer sunscreen lotion as a potent sunburn fighter because these lotions are an easy short-term and cost-effective solution. But, even a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will not actually treat the actual cause of sunburn.

Ways To Reverse The Effects Of Sunlight On Our Skin?

Many studies have shown that a proper diet can do wonders in preventing the sunburn. Your daily diet is more important than sunscreen because diet increases the capability of your body to combat sunburn. Nowadays, there are many dietary supplements available in the market that boost vital vitamins mainly Vitamin D, nutrients, and minerals which enhance the handling level of inflammation in the body.

The best way to cure sunburn is through good prevention. If your skin is exposed to the sun for a longer time, then it is advised to protect your skin with proper clothing or through homemade sunscreen. Considering your daily life, you can prevent sunburn effectively by maintaining a healthy diet along with the right supplements. Coconut oil can also prove to be a potent natural fighter of sunburn because it has an SPF 4 and great as a daily sun protection measure.

It is necessary to maintain a balanced diet for overall health which includes skin health. Your diet should include a good amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to better help your body protect against sunburns such as leafy green vegetables, foods rich in Omega-3 and antioxidants, a bit of tomato paste and healthy saturated fats in your diet.

So, the foods that you should avoid for healthy skin include vegetable oils, sugars, grains along with processed and packed foods. Also, you should consider including good quality health supplements to improve your immune system and combat sunburn.

What Are The Necessary Nutrients?

In summer, you should always prefer dietary supplements that boost your skin immunity and antioxidants levels. These supplements enhance your sun tolerance and diminish skin inflammation. It is advised to opt for a supplement that has high contents of Vitamin D and Vitamin C because these vitamins benefit by optimizing the blood levels, combats sunburn, skin cancer, and boost skin immunity as well.

Home remedies like coconut oil combined with a cup of herbal tea would also be a great way to boost the skin health as it increases protection against harmful UV rays. Astaxanthin is also a very efficient antioxidant as it functions like an internal sunscreen and anti-aging ingredient that can be found in top-tier supplement brands.

Now What?

The above-listed ingredients should be considered in the dietary supplements for a better sun protection and prevention of sunburn. Nowadays, dietary supplements have been upgraded with good qualities as they are well researched and clinically proven. These supplements promote greater skin health with improved sun protection and keep your skin healthy without sunburn at the beach.

So, why to apply sunscreen as it gives a temporary solution when it’s just wiser if you eat healthily and enhance your skin health with immunity towards being better protected from sunburn.

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