Oils are slowly gaining popularity for their traditional and hidden benefits for the skin and hair. Dermatologists and skin experts speak up against oil application onto the scalp or sometimes even skin, however, a lot of other practices, traditional beauty recipes and cultural practices coming from different parts of the world say otherwise. A lot of regions such as the East, Middle-East and Mediterranean regions rely on oil application for healing and protecting the hair and skin. Coconut oil, Sandalwood oil, and sesame oil are widely used in parts of India for its uncountable skin benefits. Similarly, Camelia or Tsubaki oil is used in Japan. One such oil filled with benefits that lead to extraordinary results in the skin and hair is Argan oil.

Origin of Argan Oil

This oil is widely used an extracted in Morocco just like olive oil. Some people even claim that Argan oil has more benefits compared to Olive oil. It has been used extensively by the Moroccan people due to its innumerable benefits for the skin, hair and overall physical well-being.

How Is Argan Oil Extracted?

Argan oil also known as the “Liquid gold” is found in the argan fruit. Traditionally the goats were fed the fruit and later the nuts of the fruit was collected from their excreta which are further roasted well to extract the oil from the little kernels present inside. It’s a hard task to remove the nut from the pulp of the fruit so anciently people relied on this method. This has changed and now mechanical methods or sometimes even a wide powerful labor force is hired to separate the nuts. The kernels found inside the nut situated inside the pulp is dried in the sun for a good long time and then carefully ground to extract the argan oil.

Argan Oil For Overall Wellbeing

This oil is fortified with benefits and various vitamins that play a healthy role in balancing as well as promoting a lot of good that our body, skin, and hair needs. Argan Oil is known particularly for its significant storage of Vitamin A, E, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids.

Prevention Of Diseases: Olive oil is popularly used for cooking. Argan Oil is consumed in a similar fashion widely across Morocco and especially by the Berber people for centuries. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even some cancers are putint a bay by consumption of Argan Oil.  It efficiently lowers your cholesterol levels.

Heals Maturing Skin: The Abundant amount of Vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin A present in the oil speeds up the cell renewal leading to a healthy skin cell growth. Popularly it is blended with pomegranate seed oil and massaged onto the skin. The skin gets a surge of vitamins and anti-oxidant after it’s usage.

Hair And Nail Benefits: Argan oil boosts the blood circulation promoting healthy hair and nail growth. It moisturizes your hair follicles and enriches them with natural components that lead to better hair growth. You just need to massage a little bit of argan oil onto the nails preferably before going to bed. You will see a healthy nail growth instantly.

How To Choose The Right Argan Oil?

  • Before buying the oil make sure you read the brand and product history. If available then choose a brand that is native to the land where Argan oil is actually formed and created.
  • Make sure the brand is cruelty-free and organic so that no animals were hurt in the process of production or manufacture and that it has been organically produced to avoid any toxic substances.
  • Always read reviews before buying a product.
  • Choose the argan oil considering its grade. You need to decide the reason for and usage of the oil and select from beauty or food grade respectively.
  • Cold-pressed oils should be your first preference. Cold pressed extraction preserves the nutrients and vitamins without killing it due to exposure to heat.
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Argan Oil And Why You Should Use It
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