How Many “Perfect” Skin Care Regimes Have You Tried? Want To Know The Basics and Create One For Yourself?

Are you sure you’re following the perfect skincare regime? No matter what the skin type, there’s a certain basic regime every woman should follow for that flawless skin! Your skin deserves extra care and nourishment, after all that pollution, sun and chemical damage!

Is your skin damaged? Here are a few primary symptoms you should look for.

Symptom No.1 Extreme Skin Types

Your skin feels dry and scaly or extremely oily. You possibly wash and pat dry your skin quite often but the problem still persists. maybe you don’t possibly take good care of your skin because you can’t care less! Woman, you got to wake up! it’s because of the imbalance in the pH level of your skin. Or the weather!


The difference in color pigments. does your face has several pigment patches here and there? that’s because your skin is under the heat effect! too much exposure to UV rays along with pollution can cause irreversible skin problems.

Black Heads

Black/whiteheads near the nose, chin and cheek area. blame the pollution! treating black/whiteheads can be a pain in the arse!  you’ll have to go through a painful process to get those removed. sometimes, if you don’t treat them regularly enough, they can get deep into your skin, well, hello to more pain.

Dull Skin

Loose, dull and dark skin occurs due to loss of collagen in your skin. this later causes premature aging. collagen is a protein naturally synthesized in your skin to prevent aging.

These don’t necessarily sum up the damaged skin, you need to look at and analyze our skin daily to see minute changes. any change that negatively impacts your appearance is the result of skin damage.

What Products to Use to Better Your Daily Skin Care Regime?

Basic Daily Beauty Regime


your skin needs the daily adequate amount of nourishment for you to look and feel healthy. moisturizer is a must in any season, any day! it hydrates your skin, providing it with vitamins and minerals.


Appling cleanser is the first thing to do before going out and after coming back. it cleanses your skin thoroughly, getting rid of all the dirt, chemicals and skin’s secreted byproducts. try using a sulfate-free cleanser or even better choose a natural cleanser, cleansers made of natural ingredients.


Applying sunscreen before stepping out should be a habit for you! it will protect your skin from the radiations of harmful UV rays, thus protecting collagen, elastin and essential oils. Use a high SPF cream for better shielding a tan-free skin.

Ideal Skincare Routine For Girls

  1. Drink ample amount of water daily to prevent acne, dull skin and dark circles.
  2. Use body lotions more than any other skin care creams or serums. these provide all day shielding and protection of your skin. keep your skin hydrated and glowing!
  3. No more chappy lips and biting the flaky skin off. use mild natural lip balms. your lips have the most sensitive skin tissues on your lips. a little

Anti-Dryness Cream

If you’re someone with a dry flaky skin, always use anti-dryness creams that will make sure your skin doesn’t lack essential hydrating minerals. Avoid using chemical filled creams, they will ruin your skin all the more in the long run.


Water-based liquids also are known as toners clear up the impurities off of your face. cleansers clear your face too, but the dirt left behind even after using it is steered clear by toner. don’t go too harsh on your skin, mild toners are the key!

Antioxidant Serum

Serums are a concentrated version of creams. Apply a small amount of antioxidant serum to protect your skin against aging and severely damaged caused by the sun. Women in their twenties and thirties should regularly apply antioxidant serums.

Face Masks

Use face masks once in a while. don’t go overboard with those. face masks basically hydrate your skin and give it a glow by cleansing it thoroughly. not at all a hard product.


Don’t scrub your skin daily, it will rinse your skin off its essential oils. this in return will make your skin dry and enlarge your pores.try using scrubs made up of natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Ideal Skin Care For Anti-Aging

Under Eye Creams

Dark circles, hollow eye socket, crows feet are some of the common and the most visible signs of aging. these happen due to loss of collagen, elastin and proper flow of blood around the eyes. use an under eye cream twice daily to prevent the effects.


During the premature aging period, yours skins requirements are the highest.  moisturize your skin with anti-aging properties to back up your skin against dehydration and unhealthy looking skin.

Anti-Aging Serum/ Cream

the most important regime to follow throughout your life after you’ve reached your late thirties! use an anti-aging cream with loads of collagen and elastin sourced ingredients. don’t use extremely hard and chemically loaded products. they do help, but the natural way is always a better alternative.

What Not To Do Or Use For Your Skin?

Over-Exfoliation: Never ever over exfoliate your skin. it’s a common mistake everyone marks. over exfoliating is always harmful to your skin and might damage tender skin tissues.

Fragrance: Don’t choose a cream based on its fragrance. Firstly, the fragrance is a harmful ingredient for your skin. it causes allergies and harsh reactions. secondly, products that use natural ingredients smell not so pleasant. but these products are the ones usually preferable. they are always better than chemical products for the long run.

Never Skip: Don’t skip your night skin care regime, its a wrong turn towards the damaged skin. The night is the only time your skin’s process to keep your skin healthy starts. skipping the night regime could result in your skin not receiving its basic necessities to battle against various skin damaging sources.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping: Sleeping with makeup on is the most disastrous thing you could do to your skin. remove all the makeup before you doze off. if you don’t do so your skin might absorb all the chemicals used in the makeup, which is definitely not what we want!

Always take care of your skin and its needs you want to look younger and healthier even after a certain age. your skin is the mirror to your age. don’t forget to trick people with the mirror!