Skin And The Sun Don’t Like Each Other!

Summer is ‘round the corner, a season when you can wear breezy clothes, explore places and get some tan! Get ready for some heavy skin care routine to beat the heat.

Don’t Lose Your Skin’s Moisture. Are You Prepared?

Your skin is the most affected part of your body during summers. Know why? Because it’s the most exposed to the sun. Harmful UV rays emitted by the sun tend to destroy your skin cells to a level irreplaceable. Damage include premature aging, skin pigmentation, sunburns and saggy skin. Avoid all these through very common, simple skin care treatments.

Here’s a quick tip checklist for you!

  1. Sunscreen For The Wise

Essential alert! Don’t step out of your house without applying a thick layer of sunscreen on your skin. You have no idea how badly your skin can suffer without a high SPF sunscreen. A high SPF cream will avoid skin pigmentation and sunburns. Your skin is a highly sensitive organ, it can absorb the UV rays and lose collagen and elastin, both naturally occurring anti-aging proteins in your skin.

  1. Drink At Least 80 Ounces Of Water Daily

It flushes away all the toxins from your body. It helps in reducing weight by acting as a detox. You will see visible results when you start drinking ample amount of water daily. It will prevent acne breakouts, remove chemicals from your skin making your skin look glowing and rejuvenated. Water should be an important part of your routine to maintain a healthy skin.

  1. Exfoliate Whenever You’re Back Home

Skin exfoliation followed up by cleanser and toner is a whole treatment in itself. It will keep your skin hydrated. Also, clears off dead skin which eventually results in a glowing clear skin.

  1. Eat Seasonal Fruits

Your face is said to be a mirror for whatever you eat. Eating summer fruits will show up drastic changes on your face. It will provide all the necessary nutrients your skin needs to fight the cruel heat.

  1. Avoid Heavy Makeup Sessions

Makeup will only add misery to your already tired skin. As if sun damage wasn’t enough! Instead, use light water-based creams, or BB creams that will work as an all-in-one makeup need.

  1. Avoid Excess Tanning

A big NO to tanning. If you’re still reluctant to sit back home, a 10-15 min of sunbathing is the maximum your skin can take. Strictly avoid sunbathing after 8 AM.

There’s A Whole List Of Don’ts In Summers…

  • Don’t skip workout sessions. Your skin needs immunity, exercising will give it a boost. Plus the regular detoxification helps. Did you know that seating will also help in balancing the oil-secreting glands in your skin?
  • Don’t use bottled water. It will result in tooth decay!
  • Alcohol doesn’t count as a hydrating option! In fact, it dehydrates your body all the more. Say yes to cocktails, juices and fresh shakes.
  • Chemically made skin care products are of no good use to your skin.
  • Avoid using too many moisturizers. They create a layer of your skin, making moisture absorption impossible.
  • Strictly avoid caffeine in any form! It leads to dehydration.
  • Prolonged face massages can cause irritation and open doors for acne and eczema.

Summers seem to be the time to finally get out of your cozy warm blanket in the sun. Avoid anything that goes against the summer season. Hydration and self-care are the keys.

Do you have any Summer Skin Care Tips? Let us know! Your comments and reviews are always welcome!

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Sexy 6 Summer Skin Care Tips For 2018
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