Turmeric is one of the most common and easily available ingredients in our kitchen. Its dark yellow, mustardy in color (in powder state) and has a very strong smell. It is a hard, dry herb that belongs to the ginger family and also looks like it. The turmeric you get in the markets is a processed one, which is refined into a fine powder to be used for cooking purposes.

It tastes a little bitter and adds no specific taste to the food you add it in. it can be taken orally or topically, both ways it has amazing properties to heal your skin in a way unimaginable.

Ancient Use of Turmeric

Turmeric was first discovered in 2500 BC near present-day New Delhi, India. Since then, it’s been exported to many foreign countries such as China, Europe and much more. The Britishers took full advantage of this herb and used it resourcefully.

The vibrant yellow herb was first used in the medicinal and cooking field in Asia. Ayurveda vastly depended on this herb for many of its medicines and healing purposes. It was also used as a drying agent in the clothing industry before synthetic options came in. Later, it was proved to be one of the best natural cosmetic ingredients.

It’s an important part of the Hindu tradition. It is known to represent Goddess Kottravai and is mainly used in Hindu marriage ceremony. It is used in Mangal Sutra (an ornament tied around the bride’s neck to symbolize marriage) and represents that the bride is now ready to take over the house.

Later, it proved to be an excellent ingredient for flawless skin. it’s been used in different ways for its magical benefits. Here’s a quick view of all the beauty benefits of turmeric:

Benefits Of Turmeric

Health benefits


It is used in treating all types of cancer. It does so by targeting the poisonous cancer cells and removing them from the body.

It’s power to defeat cancer cells increases when consumed orally along with other anti-cancer ingredients.

* Treatment for cancer is as important. Turmeric will just accelerate the process of destroying the cancerous cells. Always consult an expert if cancer comes into the picture.


A person suffers from increased cholesterol with the increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL). This results in cardiac arrest leading to a heart attack.

Curcumin, an active component present in turmeric prevents the increase of LDL and also reduces the further chances of it.

Depression And Anxiety

Curcumin is found to balance the levels of serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, and noradrenaline. These chemicals are secreted by our brain that is responsible for our mood, hunger, and thoughts that give rise to depression and anxiety.

Weight loss

When consumed, turmeric tends to increase our metabolic rates. This will give rise to the proper digestion of food and increased burning of fats.

Include turmeric in your weight loss regime by mixing it with ginger, honey, and lemon. Add them in warm water and drink the liquid. Do this daily right after waking up and see results for yourself!


A recent study has proved that turmeric prevents type 2 diabetes effectively. It controls the glucose and glycogen production and stimulates insulin secretion from the pancreas. T controls the blood sugar levels thus preventing diabetes.


Turmeric is known to work wonders for wounds. When taken orally (with milk) or applied on the wound (turmeric paste), it will stop the blood flow and heal the wound in a few days.

It’s been put to use since the ancient time and is vastly used in creams in recent times, that tend to heal wounds.

– Anti-inflammatory

It’s a better alternative than medicines. Turmeric contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements that reduce inflammation permanently. Increased Inflammation can cause major health issues when not treated correctly.

Skin Benefits


Premature aging is a growing concern among many these days. Lifestyle, diet, pollution are to be blamed. Herbal turmeric contains antioxidant properties that clear off wrinkles from the skin. Gently rub the turmeric paste on your face and rinse after a few minutes. Continue this regularly and see wrinkles vanishing!


Turmeric masks are an effective way to reduce acne breakouts. It’s a natural component that will reduce the root cause of acne through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property.

Lighter Complexion

Mix milk, honey, turmeric and make a paste. Apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes. Wash off and see visible complexion change. Turmeric helps to remove dead cells and bring out a brighter tone.


Tanning is inevitable when you have a shit load of work and need to go out. Reduce the effects of tanning on your skin by using products containing turmeric or directly using pure turmeric.

Apply a paste of yogurt and turmeric and leave for 10 minutes. Cleanse your face, rinse it from your face. Do this twice every day and see tan-free skin in less than a week.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are formed on any part of your body when a person loses/gains weight or after pregnancy. Avoid stretch marks by adding turmeric to your daily eating habits or beauty regime. You can use turmeric supplements or directly apply the turmeric paste on the stretch marks to reduce them.

Natural Cream

Start using turmeric in your night care routine. It will bring about considerable change in your face. you’ll notice a cleaner, fairer, firmer skin.

Use it along with other antioxidant ingredients (natural) and apply it on your face overnight. Make sure you don’t add a large amount of turmeric. It can leave a yellow color on your face.

Hair Benefits

Tackles Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common issue these days. It is caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution and chemical products.

Massage turmeric and milk, mixed together, on your scalp for a good 10 minutes and rinse after 2 hours. This will strengthen your hair follicles and reduce hair fall tremendously. Repeat this twice every week.

Dandruff- No More

Dandruff is caused due to the flaky scalp that indicates undernourishment and dryness. Use it with other natural ingredients on your scalp to bid adieu to dandruff forever.

Get Rid Of Brittle/Frizzy Hair

Pollution is the sole reason for damaged and frizzy hair! You need extra care when your hair is dry frizzy and brittle. Apply a turmeric mark on your hair and scalp for 2 hours, twice or thrice every week and rinse off without using chemical products. Opt for organic products.

Thicker Hair

Thin hair strands are an indicator that your hair is deprived of all the essential oils and nutrients that it needs. Use the same paste of that for hair loss and you’ll see thicker shinier hair after 5-6 uses.

Scalp Allergies/ Reactions

Any sort of scalp reaction or allergies is mostly because of harmful chemical products and the UV rays. You need absolute protection against these. For that start covering your head when out in the sun and start using natural products for hair.

Apply turmeric mixed with any essential oil (tea tree, castor etc.) on your scalp and hair strands. Massage thoroughly for a few minutes and rinse after 2-3 hours (leave it overnight if possible)

So How Do I Use These Tips?

Our skin, hair, and body are designed in such a way that it will process faster and more efficiently when provided with natural supplements. Chemical products, pollution, UV rays, stress along with many external factors, damage the natural processing of our body. This leads to diseases and increased skin and hair issues.

Always seek expert advice and follow the path of natural ingredients. Results might take a few days but it will definitely work without any doubt! Never opt for procedures that will cause pain and damage to your body and most importantly you!

The natural way is always inexpensive and always preferable!

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