From acne to razor bumps, men suffer from skin issues too. The face is the mirror to whatever you eat, drink and breathe. Make your first impression impressive by taking good care of your skin.

Most of the men are in the illusion that cosmetics is for women, they don’t need to use creams and serums to look and feel good. Research has shown, on an average a man needs extra care than a woman.

We have you covered guys!

  1. Choose skin products according to your skin type! Check whether your skin falls under any of the listed categories:
    a. Oily skin
    b. Dry skin
    c. Combination skin
    d. Sensitive skin
    e. Normal skin
    Always look for type the product works for and then buy. It is an important step before you start with the routine. Don’t use creams that go against your skin type, it will worsen your skin’s condition.
  2. Be regular with your skin care routine.
    Don’t skip or stop with your skincare routine because of varied reasons. You wouldn’t want your skin to suffer because of your schedule.
  1. Use a gentle aftershave, hard ones seep into the skin making it prone to reactions and allergies.
  1. Wash your face at least 3-4 a day.
    Running errands working out, sweating every bit of you takes a lot of effort. Sweat is a positive sign of all the toxic waste being removed but leaves a negative impact on the skin when not washed off.
    You’ll suffer from acne breakouts, oily skin, and dull/dark appearance.
  1. Shaving requires skills.
    You cannot just shave your beard in any direction, multiple times without causing blood clots, ingrown hair, and a few cuts here and there.
    Moisten your skin and hair before shaving (with water) and apply a shaving cream/foam that has hydrating properties. Then shave in the direction of your hair growth. This will prevent major cuts and properly shaved hair.
    * Use any razor that you’re comfortable using or suits your skin. Don’t forget to replace after 5-6 uses.
  1. Don’t use whitening creams! It’s a hoax and in fact, damage your skin layers due to the high concentration of chemicals.
  1. High SPF sunscreens should be your go-to product! Protect yourself from the UV rays that will damage your skin to a level irreversible.
    It will result in premature aging, gray hair, dull lifeless skin.
  1. Use moisturizers daily, twice a day. Do not ever skip using this, it’s a magical lotion for rejuvenating your skin cells and making you look fresher for longer periods.

Here’s a list of few quick tips:

  1. Use natural products rather than chemically induced ones.
  2. Opt for single/double blade razors.
  3. Avoid products with too much foam.
  4. Don’t rub creams or serums into your skin, massage.
  5. Wash face with cold to lukewarm water, avoid warm/hot water to cleanse your face.
  6. Load up your skin with antioxidants regularly. This will prevent aging and give you’re a bright glowing skin.
  7. Exfoliation is the key! Do it twice but remember to not overdo it. It will replenish your skin cells and deprive it if essential oils.
  8. Under eye is a concern for many men because of their busy lives. Take out time and treat your eyes with face masks and creams.

Conclusion: All that is really important are Rejuvenation, Nutrition, and repletion.

Make sure you provide your skin with these for a healthy, younger looking skin. Don’t take your manhood for granted, regretting it later. You need to care for your skin as much as anybody.

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Skin Care Tips for Men
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