Skin is a whole new science. It is so deep that there could be different skin conditions and doubts depending on every single individual. There is not much certainty when it comes to skin because everybody is special and the response our skin would give to products differs from person to person.

Our skin goes through a lot of changes throughout our entire life. There are many other unidentified issues besides acne and aging that fail to steal the spotlight when it comes to skin care. In fact, there are millions of things going wrong with the skin but we only identify and recognize a few of them.

What Is Skin Congestion? 

Do not mistake skin congestion for an individual issue i.e; it doesn’t signify only one problem such as either pimples or excessive oil. Skin congestion consists of several problems besides just pimples.

Skin congestion is far more than our understanding. Skin congestion basically covers up almost every single inter-related problem faced by our facial or body skin.

As the name literally explains, it is 100% congestion in our skin. It could be internal or external. Congestion is the foundation to a lot more problems which are beyond our imagination.

A neglected skin congestion can even result in broken capillaries and thick debris on the outermost layer of the skin.

Characteristics Of Skin Congestion:

I don’t want to create confusion among the readers using scientific and tough terms such as open comedones, closed comedones, papules, zygotes, quantum theory or polymerization.

It is frustrating when people use scientific terms while explaining the most basic things. Maybe that won’t lead maximum people to the solution for their skin. Let us not beat around the bush and get straight to the understanding.

  • Blackheads: These are basically those micro bumps with a black coloured tip/head. A blackhead occurs when the pore is clogged with dirty dead skin. A blackhead is an open pore filled with sebum and yucky skin debris. As the pore is open, the gunk inside gets oxidized leading to blackening of the tip. Hence, the black tip/head.
  • Whiteheads: These unattractive monsters develop when the dead skin cells, sebum, and some other dirty stuff start filling up our pores. These are closed, unlike a blackhead. Hence, no oxidization so no black tips.
  • Acne: This is not a subcategory of skin issues. It is indeed a parent category with a lot of children. Primarily whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, scarring and secondarily abnormal oil production, debris, stinky sebum etc. Acne is your main enemy. Treat it like you’d treat the main bad guy in a movie.
  • Congested Pores: Sebaceous filaments are present on everyone’s face. Celebrities have them, newborn babies with clean even-toned skin have them and even the healthy skin icons have them.

Sebaceous filaments are pores that are home to the sebum/oil our skin produces naturally. The problem arises when these pores become polluted with debris. Involvement with debris could lead to the birth of smelly blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and blemishes in the long run.

Healthy sebaceous filaments turn wicked when they’re introduced to debris.

Common Factors That Cause Skin Congestion:

Universally there could be a million reasons for congested skin and obviously, we can’t cover all of them. We can definitely familiarise ourselves with some of the most commonly identified reasons for this punishment.

  • Low Hydration Levels- Your skin is like a programmed software. When you provide less water to the skin it keeps waiting for you to quench its Tired of waiting it starts producing more oil in order to make up for the loss of water.
  • Picking Onto The Skin- I have a nasty habit of squeezing those whiteheads. I squeeze every single one of them and feel guilty about it instantly.
    The after squeezing process is an hour long self-therapy where I remind myself of the side effects of continuing with this nasty hobby followed by applying magical face packs and oils.
    These won’t help me every single time. One day my pores are going to resemble huge scars which will only fade surgically.
  • Wrong Products- This needs absolutely no explanation. You need to be your skin’s best friend in order to understand it better. You have to know what your skin likes. If you’ve been using the same products since forever now and doing every single other thing but the results just won’t show up when your products are to be blamed. Do not believe in every single advertisement/packaging. Believe in self-research.
  • Toxins- Pollution, dirt, unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sleep pattern, junk food etc are all toxins. These toxins seep deep into your life and body only to show their beautiful artwork on your face and skin.


The consequences of these above-stated skin congestion causing factors are numerous. By no means, you should underestimate them or take them lightly. You will regret continuing your same old evil methods and behaviour towards your skin. While you’re not treating your best friend (skin) right, your friend might still wait for you to change. They might wait for you to hydrate your body and to stop popping the sebaceous bodies. If you don’t change your ways now then your best friend will erode. The aftermath is simple and ugly.

  • Huge pores which can only be treated surgically or with derma rollers after ages of practice.
  • Intense scarring and dark spots that are difficult to fade completely.
  • Broken capillaries that make the skin look thin and aged. Oh, by the way, these only disappear after laser.
  • Cheese like stinking gunk which is a result of skin pore filled with sebum and debris. The dead skin cells situated in the pore leads to a foul disgusting smell that you can smell when you squeeze those pores. This is no joke.
  • Severe acne problems like huge inflamed acne could be the new residents in the sebum-rich

Intense skin congestion with further¬†gunk families producing more babies that will soon give birth to their children which will soon have grandchildren. Since they’ll be infinite in a number you can even name them as Papa Whitehead, Mama Blackhead, Baby Smelly Angel or whatever you want to.


Prevention is better than cure. Prevention is easier and doesn’t consume as much time. Prevent these dirtbags/congested pores by simple steps such as:

  • Regulating your lifestyle.
  • Drinking gallons of water.
  • Eating less sugar and salt.
  • Going for regular dermal appointments.

If you are far away from the fence of prevention and have landed yourself in the desert of problems then start with the cure already! Do everything you would do in order to prevent your skin congestion.

Drink water, exfoliate with pineapple or green tea, go to a dermal, stop touching your face, change your present products if they have constantly let you down ( but you’re still using them because you have already invested money ) etc.

Treat your skin congestion as a wound. Treat it just the way you’d take care of an injury. Treat it with a lot of love, care, and precision.

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