Secret Superfoods Well Hidden From You!

Lemons, turmeric, oranges, berries… we have heard it enough and we all know the value of these different essential fruits and spices for our skin and blood purification.

Nature has so many things to offer when it comes down to our skin and overall health that we can never be grateful enough. We all know that every single thing that comes to us from nature has its own value and benefit. However, there are some things we must have heard of but never tried. What could these things be?

Read further to learn about some of the hidden treasures that come from both sea and land. Maybe, you have tried them all maybe you have not. Let us find out.


Hemp Milk

The delicious unusual taste of that comes from organic and hulled seeds has abundant benefits. It does contain a little amount of THC which is one reason for some to either love it or avoid it. However, there are multiple benefits compared to your usual animal milk.

Hemp milk is fat-free and an amazing alternative for those trying to lose weight or lower cholesterol levels. Super rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 which is amazing for hair, skin and nails; it is also known for its riboflavin, thiamin and folic acid content.



Highly popular in Japan and also commonly used for various dishes, Natto is basically obtained from fermented soybeans. It is highly rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.

So if you have issues such as dark pigmentation or under eye circles and a dull skin then this could come to your aid.

Natto is also known for its high content in vitamin K which helps in strengthening bones and preventing excessive blood loss at the time of injuries.



This is a type of algae obtained from the seabed. Of course, it is edible and completely safe for human intake. A fun fact related to this algae is that astronomers in the space often live on spirulina for months and years when they are out of their food supply.

That is only because it comes in small tablets of powders full of benefits equivalent to multiple meals. Spirulina is exceptionally high in iron content. It also has a decent amount of calcium thus it works well for both skin and bone health.



Originally from the land of Japan, this is also known as “Agar”. It is a common kitchen ingredient and is used from everything ranging from cooking to beauty remedies and cosmetic products.

Agar-Agar is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin and is completely plant-based. A plant-based diet is are the best since it gets digested and absorbed faster and way better into the body.

Agar is popularly known in Japan for its weight loss properties. It has zero sugar, fats and carbohydrates. It is very rich in fiber and cleanses your system thoroughly by disposing off any toxins in your body.


Lamb’s Quarters

Do not be confused with the name. This is a 100% plant-based food. It could be a little tricky to incorporate this into your food due to lack of cooking ideas so it is the best to have it in the form of salad, juice or smoothies.

This might sound a little unpleasant to a foodie but a health-conscious person is definitely going to love it since it has a superficially unbelievable quantity of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is superb for dark patches on the skin and maintaining an exceptional eyesight. Vitamin A is also good for dark circles which is one of the major concerns of many people. Nowadays, due to an unnatural and unsupervised lifestyle, dark circles and puffy under eyes is a common phenomenon.


It is important for you to know about these foods as they’re incredibly beneficial to your health. Share this with a loved one and spread health around yourself. Until then, take care.

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