I started realizing the importance of hydration much later than I should have. A lot of us envy every cosmetic product that’s made for our skin but forget about some things that almost come for free. Water comes much cheaper than so many cosmetics available.

Why Is Hydration So Important 

Our skin starts thinning as time passes by due to the collagen loss from the skin. The skin needs to retain a lot of moisture to stay and look visibly plumper and glowing. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated to cleanse out the toxins in your body constantly. 

Interesting Ways Of Staying Hydrated 

  • I am usually forgetful about drinking water so I fill around 2-3 liters every day and keep the bottles around my bed, workspace and table so that I am constantly reminded to drink more water.
  • Add Fruits to your water and refrigerate it for around 6-8 hours. Water absorbs all the vitamins and nutrients and it gets easier for your body to soak the goodness. There are tons of interesting recipes for detox water online.
  • Do not consider sodas or sugary drinks as the part of your duly water intake. Always follow this rule and thus, you’ll get used to drinking more water.

Benefits Of Staying Hydrated

 Hydration has several advantages. Thousands of them in fact, so it’s practically impossible for me to list all of them and getting into their details. However let us know some of the basic, common and not-so-known benefits:

  • Constantly drinking water reduces the skin congestion which includes whiteheads, blackheads, bacterial sebaceous filaments.
  • Clears the toxins out of your body. Drinking a lot of water will make you visit the washroom several times but it’s perfectly fine as your body is actually throwing out any toxins already in your system.
  • If your skin remains hydrated it’s more supple and soft. Inflammation in the skin lowers due to drinking lots of water as the heat in the body is thrown out.

Overall water has only benefits and there is no harm in drinking clean, purified water. So stick to that good stuff!

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